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You already know you’re good. Now take your skills to the next level.

Joining the developers at Agilogy will allow you to take on software’s greatest challenges and have a direct impact on your client’s business.

Small team, Agile, Professional coders.

As a developer with Agilogy you’re never alone. You work in tandem or in small teams with other coders who push your skills and challenge you to improve the solutions you design and build for your clients. With Lead developers who have more than a decade of experience in software development, there is no shortage of knowledge and skills at Agilogy. Together with us you’ll learn to design, develop and implement complex architectures for the most innovative companies in Spain and abroad.

Employee or Freelancer?

You choose! At Agilogy we try to accommodate the contract terms to your needs. Whether you want to work part-time or full-time, as an employee or self-employed, you get the freedom to focus on coding instead of spending your time on networking, client negotiations, acquisition, payment terms and contracting. Agilogy searches for the most interesting projects, keeping developer’s wishes in mind. And once work starts, we manage the process offering technical support, billing & administration.

What we do ask of you is that you work from our office from time to time and if needed at the client’s location. We believe this guarantees a constant improvement in skills and instills the Agile philosophy we all work with. Also, working from the client’s office will keep you in touch with what really goes on in the business world outside of pure tech.

Skills needed

Basic, Intermediate or Expert level in any of the following programming languages and frameworks would be appreciated: Scala / AngularJS / HTML5 / Java / Javascript and/or NodeJS. You also have a passion for coding and are willing to learn and improve your skills.

Willing to travel?

If you’re willing to travel outside of Spain for work, this would only expand your career opportunities with Agilogy as we regularly have interesting opportunities for developers to work abroad (fluent level of English required). These range from a minimum of 6 months and we’ll guide you through the entire relocation process.


If you’re interested don’t bother sending us a CV… Just write us an email (in English) explaining what you’ve done up until now and how many years experience you have writing code. We’ll gladly invite you for a cup of coffee and discuss the possibilities.

You’ll ALWAYS receive an answer from us.

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